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guee KD-Sport Handlebar Grips 128mm Yellow



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guee KD-Sport Handlebar Grips 128mm Yellow

GUEE KD Sport grip is inspired by the Japanese martial art, Kendo. Our KD Sport grip is designed for comfortable steering and a slip-proof, all-weather performance. Not just comfort, it is heat-proof and water resistant that protects from sweat, UV and water for longer product lifecycle. Seven ergonomically shaped edges, eccentric construction and a soft texture silicone with high-degree shock absorption, are all features helping to avoid discomfort, numbness and fatigue on long endurance rides. Feature Made by German silicone, degradation and hydrolysis free. Seven ergonomically shaped edges for great steering Eccentric positioning. Washable High density for great damping feedback Ideal for cross country, trail race and long distance ride.