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Hama Negative Sleeves, Parchment, 4 Strips of 3 Negatives, 6×7 cm, 100 pcs.


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Hama Negative Sleeves, Parchment, 4 Strips of 3 Negatives, 6×7 cm, 100 pcs.

Many of us will remember the days before the introduction of digital cameras when precious images and memories were captured on a film instead of a memory card. As shot after happy shot was captured and imprinted in time, films were often found to mount up in draws and photo boxes with each depicting separate momentous events or people in our lives such as family holidays, marriages, milestone birthdays and distant loved ones. If taken to a camera shop to be developed, the delicate negatives were afterwards often simply tucked into the front of an envelope containing the photos with very little protection from external damaging factors such as moisture or dirt.
Turn a Negative into a Positive with Hama
With Hama 260 x 310mm Negative File Sheets you can protect all your special memories and favourite images by storing all your negatives safely and conveniently. Being made out of translucent glassine material each sheet is highly resistant, repelling both water and dirt to provide complete, effective protection for all your films, whilst also allowing them to remain fully visible for easy classification and viewing.
Designed for large ring binders, Hama Negative sheets permit easy and low cost storage of your negatives from both past and present, so you can access all you memories whenever you want and order endless reprints for friends, family and others with whom you wish to share all you images, each featuring the same perfect detail and quality as in the first. So dig out all those old negatives stuffed away in an old photo box or envelope and get organised, you never know what you might find!