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LIFX Mini A19 Edison Screw E27 [Energy Class A+]



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LIFX Mini A19 Edison Screw E27 [Energy Class A+]

The LIFX Mini is our most compact light yet, offering you total control over millions of bold colours and variable white lighting. Pre-set shades via the LIFX app let you sync a variety of lighting options for when you’re ready to work or play. Whether turning on a single light or dimming an entire network, each light integrates Wi-Fi technology for seamless, hassle-free connections to major smart home platforms and devices.

  • Compact, worry-free design
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and LIFX Cloud connectivity
  • Dimming and saturation control
  • 800 lumens
  • Intuitive app for iOS, Android and Windows 10
  • 22.8 year lifespan based on 3 hours use per day
  • Uses only 9 watts

One app, your device
Take complete control of your lighting. The free LIFX app is available on Android, iOS and Windows 10. With a few taps on your tablet, phone or watch, colours go from bright and vibrant to pure whites in seconds.

Vivid Colours
Transform your space with over 16 million colours and a thousand shades of white. Go one step further and bring your rooms to life with themes and animations.

New Shape
Discover the LIFX Mini and it’s new round shape! Made to look it’s best in lamps and to better fit more compact fixtures, this domed design helps spread light around your space with ease.

Less Energy, Less Waste
Our LED lights use less energy to put out more light than your standard incandescent light. They also have no toxic elements and last 22.8 years meaning less waste!

Seriously simple
With all the intelligence built into the light it is easy to kick start your connected home. No technical skills or additional hardware needed. Regular software updates and cutting-edge integrations mean LIFX lights only improve over time.

Voice Control
LIFX lights work with Amazon Alexa. Use simple conversation starters to turn your lights on and off, change the brightness, make them warmer and swap them to your favourite colour all with the power of your voice.

Plug in
Replace your current lightbulb with a LIFX light.

Download the free LIFX app available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Explore bold colours, intense themes and create lighting schedules.

Add more LIFX lights whenever you want and unlock more features.

The connected home made simple
LIFX lights combine built in features and intuitive integrations to make building your smart home easy. Connect your lights seamlessly with the likes of Amazon Alexa, The Google Assistant, IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest and many more!

  • Simple set up, compact, worry free design. Integrated Wi-Fi & LIFX Cloud connectivity
  • Dimming and saturation control
  • Millions of colours and variable white light, 800 lumens
  • 22.8 year lifespan based on 3 hours use per day, uses only 9 watts
  • Intuitive app for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 and works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Flic, Scout and more