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Gold Low Poly Cat Candle



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Gold Low Poly Cat Candle

Cats are full of opposites gracious and playful on the one hand, majestic and supercilious on the other. We managed to combine all of these qualities in our candle. Its warm glow will bring coziness, and its unusual shape and bold design will add character to your interior.

Animals & Pet candles make a beautiful addition to any home. Enjoy them lighting up a room or keep them as an ornamental piece. With a great choice of animals & pets, colours and finishes, we think they bring a little style or humor anywhere! Who wouldn’t want a bright yellow chicken candle!

  • Unique Design
  • Hand Poured Candle
  • Hand Finished Candle
  • Natural, non-toxic materials
  • Gift Box

Candle Specifications

  • Weight – 444g
  • Height – 182mm
  • Depth -103mm
  • Width – 76mm
  • Burning time – 35h