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Gal Gun Double Peace PS4 Game


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Gal Gun Double Peace PS4 Game

Gal Gun Double Peace PS4

Japan's notorious shooter is finally here by popular demand.  You play as a young man who's been accidentally shot by cupid! Now all the girls at the academy want  piece of him!

If he doesn't find his one true love by sunset….he'll be single forever!

Gal Gun Double Peace Features:

  • Rail-shooting action with multiple paths and a huge, replayable story mode! Select different girls for new routes through the game!
  • Use your pheromone gun to keep an army of girls at bay! Only by bringing them to ecstasy can you slow their advance!
  • Zoom in to see through their clothes and collect their stats! Collect items while zooming to unlock costumes and extras!
  • Enter Doki Doki mode to get up close and personal! Touch, rub and poke the girls to climax! Full arousal makes them explode with euphoria- clearing the screen of enemies!
  • Mini-games with characters boost your relationship! Try to win their affection for the best possible endings!