Olaf (Frozen) Controller , Phone Holder Cable Guy


PS4 Charging Stations & Stands

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Olaf (Frozen) Controller / Phone Holder Cable Guy

The Olaf cable guy is 24 cm high. It holds your device whilst charging and comes with a large 3m long cable with lightning cable connector and micro USB. Just unbox the cable guy, find a prime location for all your friends to see it, place your smartphone or controller or another cool thing in cable guy’s arms, sit back and admire. 

  • Compatible with all Playstation, X-box, Switch & retro console Controllers
  • works with all smartphone and mobile cell phone devices
  • Comes packed with a separate 2m (6-ft) micro USB & Type C charging cable
  • Styled on “Olaf” from Disney Frozen franchise
  • Offical licensed merchandise