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Treasure Island The Gold-Bug Game PC & Mac


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Treasure Island The Gold-Bug Game PC & Mac

Based on the novel by Edgar Allan Poe

1827: William Legrand, the son of a ruined family, has fled to Sullivan’s Island, North Carolina, to escape his shame. There he discovers a solid gold beetle and carefully picks it up in a sheet of parchment. That night, he draws the beetle on the same sheet of parchment; the heat of his hands reveals a series of symbols written in invisible ink! William believes that he has found cryptic instructions that will reveal the hiding place of Captain Kidd’s lost treasure! Help William find it!

A Thrilling Adventure

Finding the beetle is just the beginning. Help William crack the cryptogram left behind by Captain Kidd! If you can solve the message’s code, you’ll find the secret locations on the map. Use your cunning to find the ultimate prize… the hidden pirate gold!

Bring your adventure to life

Discover Sullivan’s Island and its inhospitable terrain: William’s dilapidated cabin, The Devil’s Seat, the forest with its savage beasts, a deserted beach, the ruined Bessop’s Castle, Fort Charleston…