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Hama USB 2.0 Extension Cable, shielded, grey, 0.25 m


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Hama USB 2.0 Extension Cable, shielded, grey, 0.25 m

Is the cable length of your notebook/PC or USB terminal device causing connection difficulty?
It can become quite frustrating when your trying to connect your PC/notebook to another device such as a keypad, mouse, hard drive, scanner or printer, only to find the cable is not quite long enough by a matter of cms to connect the two devices and you have to spend precious time moving the devices to fit the distance. Hama recognise this is not an ideal situation and have come up with a simple solution: the USB 2.0 Extension Cable, Shielded.
Connect up with Hama!
The USB 2.0 Extension Cable, Shielded from Hama, grey in colour, will extend a USB cable or a USB device with the use of the integrated-cable. With a high-speed data transfer rate (of up to 480 Mbps), the cable suitable and tested for USB 2.0 and backward compatible with USB 1.1, will make the anticipated connection reliably and in quick time. The short 0.25 m cable, is great for connecting devices which are not quite close enough for the USB Cable to reach whilst avoiding unnecessary cable clutter. In addition, the twisted data lines (twisted pairs) and sturdy plugs with moulded strain reliefs, give a high mechanical-resistance. Extend and connect today!