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Hama USB 2.0 Cable, shielded, grey, 7.50 m


USB Cables

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Hama USB 2.0 Cable, shielded, grey, 7.50 m

Connect USB Devices to Your PC or Notebook
Hama USB cables are designed to provide an efficient, reliable connection between a PC/notebook/laptop and a USB terminal device such as a laser or inkjet printer, scanner, hard drive or USB hub. As this type of cable tends to be extensively used in a computer network or home office, Hama USB cables feature sturdy plugs (USB Type A – USB Type B) with moulded strain relief for high mechanical resistance against wear and tear in order to provide long lasting performance.
Excellent Build Quality
Electromagnetic resistance is also significantly reduced by the presence of additional shielding (aluminium foil and braiding) as well as twisted data lines (twisted pairs) within the body of the cable, that work together to help eliminate the risk of data loss and poor transmission. A quality copper inner conductor also helps to ensure that maximum transmission efficiency is achieved and, as a result, data transfer rates stand at an impressively fast 480Mbit/s.
Tested and fully compatible with USB 2.0 devices, though also offering backwards compatibility with USB 1.1, Hama USB cables fit most printers and have extensive application across a range of modern technology for fast and easy installation into your home or office. Simply plug in the cable and go.