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CableMod ModFlex Sleeved Cable Light Green 20cm – 4 Pack


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CableMod ModFlex Sleeved Cable Light Green 20cm – 4 Pack

Ever wanted to customize your own cable extensions to match your unique build? Now you can with CableMod ModFlex™ Sleeved Wires.

These sleeved wires feature the very same ModFlex sleeving featured on our premium cable kits for a luxurious look and supreme flexibility. No heatshrink ensures a clean look, and each and every wire is precision cut to the same exact length for optimal results.

Assembling your own custom cable extension is easy and tool-free. The ends of each wire are fitted with a color-coded silicone protector. Simply remove the protector, match that color with the color code on our CableMod Connectors, and insert the wire – it's really that easy.

Available in a multitude of colors and lengths, the only limit to what you can do with ModFlex Sleeved Wires is your own imagination.

Inside the package:

4 x (20cm) ModFlex Sleeved Wire