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Hama G-210 HDMI Switching Console, 2 ports


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Hama G-210 HDMI Switching Console, 2 ports

HDMI Port Shortage
With an increasing number of high-definition entertainment devices becoming available, such as games consoles, DVD players and set-top boxes, unless you happen to have the latest model of TV you are likely to find yourself severely lacking in HDMI ports with a large number of sets only possessing the one. This means that every time you want to switch between devices you have to get up and unplug one in order to plug in the other, a tedious, fiddly job task at the best of times, especially if the port located around the back of the TV!
Get Switched on with Hama
The Hama G-210 HDMI Switcher Console solves this problem by allowing 2 HDMI sources to be connected to a single HDMI port on a HD-TV, with a simple plug in and play set-up where the switcher is plugged into the HDMI slot on the TV and the 2 HDMI devices plugged into the switcher 2 HDMI ports. Switching between the 2 devices is then made easy by the front control buttons so you no long have to spend ages, fiddling with wires behind your TV. HDCP compatible, the switcher console also supports 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolutions for use with a wide range of modern high definition devices.