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Glorious PC Gaming Race Aura Keycaps US ANSI Layout


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Glorious PC Gaming Race Aura Keycaps US ANSI Layout

With the help of the set of 104 Keycaps from Glorio’s PC Gaming Race offered here, it’s possible to quickly and easily customize your own mechanical keyboard with Gateron, Kailh or Cherry MX switches – the keyboard, then to mod.

The key tops of the Gateron, Kailh and Cherry switches are all compatible with each other, shape and size are the same between the series, so you can use the same Keycaps different mechanical keyboards from various manufacturers to modify.

The set of Glorious PC Gaming Race offered here, featuring a modular keyboard with its GMMK (Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard), includes black keycaps made of ABS plastic. The ANSI US / QWERTY Layout’s 104 key caps are produced in a double-shot process, casting plastic around a molded piece of metal or plastic. The lower part of the buttons is made of a translucent material, while the upper layer, except for the desired recesses, does not allow light to shine through, so that the LED under the buttons illuminates the letters and special characters on the keyboard. In addition, Glorious PC Gaming Race adds an additional ASCEND key that can replace the ESC key.

There are enough keycaps to change all the keys of an ANSI-US mechanical keyboard to black.

Note: Due to the size of the Keycaps offered here, they are only compatible with the modular keyboards of Glorious PC.

Technical details:

Number of keys: 104 (+1)

Button set: complete (ANSI US layout)

Layout compatibility: US

Color: Black

Material: ABS

Caption: Transparent, translucent

Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year