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The Sopranos Series 1 One Blu-Ray


TV Box Sets on Blu-ray

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The Sopranos Series 1 One Blu-Ray

This set includes the first 13 episodes of HBO’s outstanding Emmy-winning
series THE SOPRANOS, created by David Chase. Join Tony Soprano and both of his
families–the wife and kids, and his fellow wiseguys–as they deal with
balancing their work with their lives. The episodes include “The Sopranos”
(series premiere); “46 Long;” “Denial, Anger, Acceptance;” “Meadowlands;”
“College;” “Pax Soprana;” “Down Neck;” “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti;”
“Boca;” “A Hit Is a Hit,” “Nobody Knows Anything;” “Isabella;” and “I Dream of
Jeannie Cusamano.”
The series stars James Gandolfini in a career-making performance as Tony
Soprano, a Mafia leader who is having trouble dealing with his family and starts
to see a shrink. The terrific supporting cast features Edie Falco as Tony’s
beleaguered wife, Carmela; Lorraine Bracco as Tony’s put-upon psychiatrist, Dr.
Melfi; Michael Imperioli as loose cannon Christopher Moltisanti; Steven Van
Zandt as Silvio, owner of the Bada-Bing; and the incomparable Nancy Marchand, in
one of the great television performances, as Livia Soprano, Tony’s conniving,
controlling mother. The writing, directing, and acting are impeccable, making
for one of the most enjoyable viewing events in TV history.

Bonus Features include:

  • Exclusive interview with Sopranos creator David Chase by Peter
  • 2 behind the scenes featurettes

Languages – English DTS HD master audio 5., LAM Spanish DTS 2.0, French DTS
2.0, German DTS 2.0, Castilian DTS 2.0

Subtitles English, LAM Spanish, French, German, Castilian, Dutch, Danish,
Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish

Approx run time 676 mins

Age rating 18