Lassie Collection DVD


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Lassie Collection DVD

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play.


Three classic Lassie films!

Lassie Come Home (Dir. Fred McLeod Wilcox) (1943): Lassie – a faithful collie dog, is sold by her poor family – but she travels 1,000 miles to return home to her beloved master. Based on the novel by Eric Knight.

Son Of Lassie (Dir. S. Sylvan Simon) (1945): Lassie's son, Laddie, sneaks off to the army with his owner, and gets into all kinds of mischief.

Courage Of Lassie (Dir. Fred McLeod Wilcox) (1946): Third in a series of 'Lassie' films made by MGM. Stars Lassie as Bill, a pup who's been separated from his mother. At first, he has no one to love except other animals. One day, he's found by a young girl, Kathie, who adopts him for her own. But a car accident separates the two of them. Bill becomes part of a WWII K-9 unit until battle fatigue overwhelms him. He turns vicious and has to be rehabilitated.



  • Actors Morris Ankrum, George Cleveland, Harry Davenport, Tom Drake, Frank Morgan, Selena Royle, Elizabeth Taylor, Nigel Bruce, Donald Crisp, Peter Lawford, June Lockhart, Edmund Gwenn, Elsa Lanchester, Roddy Mcdowall, Alan Napier & Dame May Whitty
  • Director Fred McLeod Wilcox & S. Sylvan Simon
  • Certificate Universal Suitable for All
  • Year 1946
  • Languages English