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Jeunet And Caro Collection DVD



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Jeunet And Caro Collection DVD

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play. 

Set Comprises:

Delicatessan follows a sweet-natured clown, Louison, who moves into a run down apartment building with a delicatessen on the ground floor and falls in love with the butcher's daughter, Julie Clapet. When it turns out that Julie's father is actually butchering human beings and selling the meat to the carnivorous tenants of the building, Julie must decide if she will remain loyal to her father's business or expose the truth in order to save Louison from being the next victim. Taking place entirely inside, underneath, and on the roof of the delicatessen, the film uses an old pipe that runs throughout the building as a channel of communication for its characters.

City Of Lost Children is the story of a prematurely aging mad scientist named Krank who kidnaps children so he can steal their dreams. However, Krank runs into trouble when his henchmen grab Denree, a little boy whose adopted brother, One, is a circus strongman. One desperately tries to find Denree and begs for help from Miette, a 9-year-old girl who heads up a gang of orphans. Together, One and Miette finally find Krank's castle, meeting along the way the lost identical brother–the original–of the three clones who serve as Krank's assistants.
Also included is one of Jeunet and Caro's earlier short films.

Actors Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Ron Perlman & Dominique Pinon
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro
Certificate 15 years and over