FIFA 365 2018 Sticker Collection Tin


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FIFA 365 2018 Sticker Collection Tin

The sticker collection FIFA 365 was a great success for Panini. For a long time, a lot of information about this series has been kept a secret in order to make its publication even more surprising – in the positive sense. The number 365 is supposed to express the endless passion for football and it is certain that passionate collectors let themselves be infected by the charm of this collection.

The golden design of the Panini FIFA 365 series renders it strikingly elegant and high quality. The details and the composition of the collection also show its uniqueness. On the one hand, the Panini FIFA 365 stickers are a lot bigger than those of the series before and on the other hand, there are also over 800 motives that can be stuck into the album.


FIFA 365 2018 Sticker Collection Tin come with 30 cards, including 2 Limited Edition Cards + 8 Special Cards.