History Heroes – Kings & Queens Card Game


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History Heroes – Kings & Queens Card Game

History Heroes KINGS & QUEENS card game, MADE IN THE UK: A great quiz game for family and friends to test themselves and discover more about 40 of the most significant British Kings and Queens from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II. Fantastically illustrated and packed with facts about each monarch plus a card with the famous rhyme to help all players remember the orders of all the Kings & Queens from 1066 to the present day. The pocket-sized game is perfect for you take with you on your travels or play it at home with adults and children alike.. The aim of the game is to try to win the cards by guessing who the characters are from the facts read out on their cards. The facts go from green, easiest, to red, most difficult with a quirky joker fact to surprise and entertain. You can use the images as clues too – you can make it as easy or as hard as you like for different players in the same game. Play it as a gentle, family friendly, educational card game or as a viciously competitive quiz game: you decide!Play the games at home or pop them in your pocket and take them on your travels. Wherever you are, have fun playing AND learning along the way

  • A fun and educational card game about 40 British Kings & Queens from Alfred the Great to Queen Elizabeth II on their own, beautifully illustrated cards
  • A pocket-sized quiz game to play on holiday or at home. Win the cards by guessing the facts read out about the kings & queens from their cards
  • ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2019 Gift of the Year awards: A family game for all ages from 8 – 80+ to play together
  • Test yourselves and discover who made history, how and when: over 1000 years of history in the card game
  • Choose to make the game a gentle voyage of discovery or a viciously competitive quiz game by choosing your level of facts from green to red, easiest to hard with a quirky joker fact too to surprise and entertain!