Vs System: Sinister Syndicate


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Vs System: Sinister Syndicate

The second release of the Great Power Arc.
An inevitable side-effect to the indomitable effectiveness of a certain wise-cracking webslinger has resulted in his enemies effectively unionizing! This evil expansion to Vs. System 2PCG includes an unprecidented SIX NEW MAIN CHARACTERS and presents a menacing collection of Spider-Man's most notorious villains!
Vs. System 2PCG: Sinister Syndicate showcases 55 new cards that showcase Spider-Man's greatest foes. Including Main Characters, Supporting Characters, Plot Twists, and a Special Location. Vs System 2PCG: Sinister Syndicate can be combined with any other Vs System 2PCG sets.
This is not a stand-alone game.

  • Players 2-4
  • Playing time 20-60 mins
  • Ages 14