Arkham Horror LCG Where the Gods Dwell Expansion


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Arkham Horror LCG Where the Gods Dwell Expansion

Where the Gods Dwell is the Fifth Mythos Pack in the Dream-Eaters Cycle

Your journey through The Dream-Eaters cycle has taken you to every corner of the Dreamlands, from the Kingdom of the Skai to the Dark Side of the Moon, but always have you been in search of lost Kadath, where the gods dwell. Now your quest reaches its dreaded destination, and all shall be revealed.

Following the events of Dark Side of the Moon, you have come to the land of Leng, a barren, icy wasteland where you believe the peak of unknown Kadath resides. All the while, a presence taunts you, gnawing at your insides. It is a wordless, derisive voice that you cannot hear, but feel within the confines of your mind. You know what it says, that it can see you, that it is waiting for you and there is no escape from its grasp. Perhaps you have been a fool to think that this quest was ever yours and not merely the design of some greater, ancient being. What ever made you think that you were in control?

Perhaps you have been drawn here by the very thing you thought you were chasing all along. Your battle with the Ancient One Nyarlathotep (Where the Gods Dwell, 306) deals with deceit, lies, and reality. This is not a straightforward fight where you can look your enemy in the eye and simply shoot it with a gun. Nyarlathotep is cunning, malicious, and manipulative; and figuring out how to stop his scheme to gain control over both the dreaming and waking worlds together is the ultimate puzzle that you must solve. The Ancient One has many faces, any of which you may be forced to add to your hand, never speaking of them lest you face his wrath and be driven insane. Revealing any of Nyarlathotep’s Myriad Forms (Where the Gods Dwell, 318) will force you to reveal any copies of Nyarlathotep that are in your hand and have them attack you before being shuffled into the encounter deck, disappearing before you can respond. If you can somehow draw him out, expose him, you may stand a chance! But how do you fight an enemy you cannot understand?