King's Forge (3rd Edition) Board Game


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King's Forge (3rd Edition) Board Game

In King's Forge, players are craftsmen and craftswomen seeking the favor of the King. A variety of dice represent the materials (metal, wood, gems and magic) that need to be gathered and crafted into items both mundane and marvelous. The first player to forge four items that are up to the exacting standard of their monarch will be crowned the winner.

King's Forge is an elegant and easy to learn game, that balances carefully building up your supply of materials, with the creative risks of attempting to create a masterwork. Clever dice management, advance planning, fierce competition, and nail-biting luck are part of every game of King's Forge.


32 unique Craft cards
19 unique Gather cards
42 marbled black Metal dice
22 swirly green Wood dice
14 translucent red Gem dice
10 sparkly blue Magic dice
2 pearly white Library dice
1 misted purple Cemetery die
4 Printed Wooden Tokens
1 sculpted plastic First Player Anvil
4 double-sided Workshop boards
1 game board
1 rulebook
2 quick reference cards