Carcassonne Big Box (2017) Board Game


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Carcassonne Big Box (2017) Board Game

The world of Carcassonne is filled with all sorts of fascinating new places to visit and people to meet. Its gameplay is simple enough to capture the hearts of newcomers and deep enough to challenge veteran gamers. Each expansion offers its own twist on the classic while staying true to the engaging premise that started it all.     Come and experience what this beloved game has to offer with the Carcassonne Big Box!

The sixth edition of the Carcassonne Big Box contains the Carcassonne base game, the Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders expansions, the mini-expansions The River and The Abbot now included with the base game, and the six mini-expansions from 2012: The Flying Machines, The Messengers, The Ferries, The Gold Mines, Mage & Witch, and The Robbers (which collectively include the tiles for the Corn Circles II mini-expansion).


2–6 Players

35 Min Playing Time

Age: 7+