Scotland Yard Board Game


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Scotland Yard Board Game

Mr. X is hiding from the detectives at Scotland Yard. With a few clever moves down the London Underground, by taxi or by bus, can Mr. X escape the trap of the Detectives, or will you anticipate his moves and catch him red-handed. The chase is on…!

Contents: 1 playing board, logbook, 6 playing pieces, 20 cards, 125 tickets and a Mr. X cap.

  • Fun to play detective game for the whole family to enjoy, with a brand new look
  • A strategy game that is different every single time you play
  • One player is “Mr X” whilst other players work as a team to try and catch him
  • Highly-detailed illustrated playing board based around Central London Travel around the city using taxi, bus and underground “tickets”
  • Suitable for 3-6 players and fun for the whole family