Disney Lion King Board Game


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Disney Lion King Board Game

Get ready for some totally awesome ’90s nostalgia! Both kids and parents alike will love this retro Lion King board game! Take yourself on a wild journey as you traverse the African savanna. You’ll wander around Pride Rock and the Desolate Graveyard as you encounter villains and complete the circle of life. To play this exciting game, choose a character, spin the wheel, and move around the gameboard while collecting tokens. Special characters like Mufasa will protect you from the hyenas and Scar. Collect four matching tokens to win! Recommended for two to four players, ages eight and up.

  • Try to avoid Scar and the hyenas as you travel through the African savanna
  • Collect tokens as you make your way around the game board—4 matching tokens gets you the win!
  • Exciting and engaging gameplay provides a whole new type of Lion King experience
  • Recommended for 2-4 players, ages 6 and up