Batman Miniature Board Game Militia: Invasion Force Bat-Box


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Batman Miniature Board Game Militia: Invasion Force Bat-Box

Recruited by Scarecrow to spread fear throughout Gotham City, a Militia Crew represents a well-trained, heavily armed militarized force, ready to crush their foes with high-tech weaponry and elite close-combat fighters. The Invasion Bat-Box contains a complete Militia Crew, with all the models you need to play.
Bat-Boxes are the ultimate way to jump into the action of the Batman Miniature Game! Each box contains a complete Crew, and all the cards you need to play. In addition, in each Bat Box you will find a unique Objective for your Crew, a brand new scenario, and a set of Quickstart Rules in each so you can start playing right away!

  • 8 Miniatures (Arkham Knight, Scarecrow, Militia Lieutenant, Militia Brute, Militia Medic, Militia Soldier 1, Militia Soldier 2, Militia Soldier 3)
  • 1 Drone Marker
  • 9 Plastic Bases
  • 8 Character Cards
  • 22 Equipment Cards
  • 1 Militia Strategy Card
  • 1 Quickstart Rules
  • 1  Guide: Rules & Exclusive Scenario