Triominos Excel Game (20 Extra Pieces) Board Game


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Triominos Excel Game (20 Extra Pieces) Board Game

Triominos is the fascinating game variation of the well-known game of dominos but with triangular pieces. Every Triomino is unique because it only occurs once in the game so it must be used wisely to gain an extra score. Who can score the highest number of points to be the winner? Bonus points can be won by laying your pieces and making a 'bridge', a 'hexagon' or a 'double hexagon'. A game which requires insight, strategy and logic, providing great fun for all the family! Triominos Excel includes 76 solid triangular tiles.

  • Add a new dimension to the classic family game of dominoes with Triominos Excel
  • Compete against friends and family as you try to score the highest by matching tiles together.
  • Combines strategy and luck with brand new challenges.
  • Includes 76 solid triangular tiles and 6 holding racks.
  • For 2-6 players.