Star Wars Imperial Assault Han Solo Ally Expansion Pack


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Star Wars Imperial Assault Han Solo Ally Expansion Pack

Fight for the Rebel Alliance with Star Wars: Imperial Assault Ally Packs! The Han Solo Ally Pack features a detailed figure of Han Solo, bringing the cunning scoundrel to life. Players also discover new missions for the campaign game and the skirmish game, allowing them to repel boarders from the Millennium Falcon, or take their chances with the Corellian underworld. With new missions, a detailed Han Solo figure, and key Command cards, this Ally Pack offers the Rebellion plenty of heroic new options for any game of Imperial Assault.  

  • Expansion requires Star Wars Imperial Assault Base Game to play
  • This Ally Pack contains a sculpted plastic flgure of the scoundrel and smuggler, Han Solo
  • Repel Imperial boarders from the Millennium Falcon in a new campaign side mission
  • Venture into the Corellian underworld with two new skirmish missions
  • New Command cards offer new options for leaders and smugglers in skirmish missions