Top 7 Sequels We’d Love To See.

The gaming community is often very torn when it comes to sequels on one hand, we want to see a continuation of the world, characters, and stories we’ve made a connection with and on the other, we want to see fresh ideas and developers flex their creative powers, which they sometimes can’t do in a sequel.

The following 7 games are definitely the former…

Splinter Cell.

Every year a sequel is hyped up to be unveiled at E3 and each year we’re left yearning just that little bit longer. The hype train reached its peak when Ubisoft added that Splinter Cell mission in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and showed fans that the franchise certainly hasn’t been forgotten about. 7 years is a long time to wait to return to Ubisoft’s stealth franchise and with their attention on Watch Dogs: Legion and rumors of a new Assassin’s Creed game, which could mean that we may have to continue crossing our fingers as each E3 event passes.

Supreme Commander.

Maybe not as many people are longing for a new Supreme Commander game as they would be for any other game on this list but I certainly am! Supreme Commander FA is hands down my favourite ever real-time strategy game, the scale was massive and when in full-blown combat it was a feast for the eyes. Seriously, for a 13-year-old game, it holds up really well to today’s real-time strategy games.

I’d love to see the scale retained from the 1st 2 games where in one fight you could have a 1000 units in play and I’d also like to see the story continue where it left off as although the story certainly isn’t the selling point of this game, I found it quite interesting. As well as the storyline, they teased us with a couple of post-credit scenes which has to mean something, right?

Jurassic World Evolution.

This game only came out in 2018 but I’m already looking forward to the possibility of a sequel. This is a park simulator game where the biggest emphasis was on the dinosaurs and how they interacted with each other and with the home you’ve built for them. Making it too small could result in one dinosaur getting agitated and a similar case if it’s overcrowded, it really is an interesting game you don’t get bored of easily.

If a sequel for this game comes, it would be great to see more focus on the actual park building part of the game, where the player would get far more options to make their park unique with lots more variations of buildings and decorations. I’d also like more variation in the dinosaurs you have in your park because as far as I can remember, there were no aquatic or flying dinosaurs in the base game, if all of these other creatures got added then the sequel would be a brilliant park builder!

Red Faction.

A destruction/ physics engine that is yet to be rivaled in my opinion.! I’m looking more at Red Faction: Guerrilla than its follow up, Red Faction: Armageddon as although that was still good, it took away the open-world element that worked so well for this type of game. I just loved how you could approach the in-game activities with the destruction engine by your side which really gave you so much freedom.

On the original release of Red Faction: Guerrilla I spent more time than I care to admit tapping away at buildings with my trusty sledgehammer to see if I could make them fall in a certain direction and when they did, I was amazed every time! It’s this and the way the Red Faction approached destruction so unique and has yet to be improved upon, which for an 11-year-old game is pretty extraordinary.

The last actual game in this franchise was Armageddon in 2011 but there was a remaster for Guerilla called Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered which was released in 2018, I’m hoping this was the developers testing the waters for a possible sequel. If we were graced by another adventure on Mars, a denser map with bigger and more structures would be great for players like me as everything was spaced out in Guerilla which was probably due to the technological constraints of the time. If there isn’t a sequel then I’d say that it’s about time other developers started looking at this type of destruction in their open worlds.


Can you believe it? Skate 3 came out a whopping 10 years ago and was certainly due its next iteration! I remember picking up Skate 3 due to a friend’s recommendation and anyone who knows me knows I have no interest in skateboarding but to my surprise, Skate made me feel like I should learn. I soon realised that turning and braking (pretty basic stuff) was absolutely terrifying, that was the beginning and end of my skateboarding hobby.

I’d be happy to see a remaster of Skate 3 even with upped graphics and a far smoother experience. This game is calling for the usual improvements: a bigger world, more customisation, and of course a lot more tricks. At this point, we’ll take anything we can get our hands on!


I’m looking at the Fable RPG’S here and not the little spin-off games which means the last RPG for this series was Fable 3 which came out in 2010. This series always had the issue of overpromising features but if you look past that, there were three strong games with a fantastic world which fans like me fell in love with.

Fable 1 was my favourite in the series and it would be great to see them revisit that setting in Albion or even further back. In Fable 2 & 3 they jumped to a more industrial world and it lost the large fantasy element that was present in the 1st so perhaps a prequel to Fable 1 where the hero’s guild was at its prime!


The final game on my list has got to be Bully. Now that we’ve all had our Red Dead sequel, it’s now time for Rockstar to turn their attention to this gem from 2006. This was Rockstars GTA goes to school, where we swapped high-speed police chases in GTA to mowing the lawn when we were caught misbehaving such as skipping class or picking fights with other students. It was a fantastic game which certainly deserves a sequel.

Apart from the usual things like a new story, bigger/better world and perhaps a choice between having a male or female protagonist, I’d like the classes you attend to have a larger focus on them as they were simple little games in the original but they could be built into something where you perhaps get homework from some classes and projects. This way you have more variety within the classes themselves instead of having the same mini-game repeated, just a little bit harder each time.

There you have it, that’s the 7 sequels that I would love to see again, now what about you? What games would you love to see have sequels? You’d love to play over and over again? Let us know on social media!