Delving Into The New PS5 Game Announcements

Sony really isn’t playing when it comes to their lineup of games for the PS5 and already it’s caused a massive hype when it comes to the games that we will be able to play on the new console. Our favourite games like Madden, Fortnite and maybe even Call Of Duty will all be available to play on the PlayStation 5.

During the Playstation event on June 11th, 26 amazing titles for the PS5 were revealed, now some I already had some ideas of what titles would be available as there have been some rumours going around but nevertheless, I was left with my jaw on the floor!

So to follow from the amazing news we have had, I’m going to pick out some of my favourites as well as tell you lovely people everything you need to know about what Sony’s releasing and why you should be excited too, (even though you probably already are!)

Little Devil Inside

This is probably the game I’m most curious about as whilst watching the trailer I was thinking to myself, “Hey the artwork looks great and the gameplay looks interesting but what is actually going on here?”. The trailer cuts between an old man living a very calm life having a bath and nipping to the toilet and such and then a younger character fighting a variety of beasts and just general adventuring. I am very intrigued to see how these tie in together.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Sony couldn’t have picked a better way to show off the PS5 next to nothing load times where the gameplay trailer shows ratchet and clank jumping from world to world in rifts. Sliding down glass roof tops to then jumping to another world where you land on a dinosaur looking bird within second of each other gave us a good look at what to expect from the next gen.

Destruction Allstars

I’m really hoping that this can be the rocket league for the next generation for me. No story but absolute perfect gameplay that you’re always going to be coming back to no matter what you’re playing at the time. The car combat and destruction within the game looks great and you can even hop out of your vehicle and fight it out on the games battleground.

Horizon Forbidden West

I think we were all expecting this one to be released. The setting has moved to california this time round i believe as we see Aloy riding past the Golden gate Bridge. The trailer also shows powerful new storms, a strange species killing off plant and animal life and massive brand new mechanical beasts. These ranged from massive war mammoths kinda like out of lord of the rings to big toad creatures that look like Torterra from pokemon in my opinion.


Being created by Arkane studios who are behind the dishonored series you know this game will have fantastic level design. It pits two assassins against each other on a lawless island where they are both stuck in a time loop or a death loop as the name would suggest. It looks like it features really fast stealth/action gameplay where your character appears to have powers that seem to have taken some inspiration from the dishonored series.

So there’s a few of the recently announced PlayStation5 games. My mentions of the brand new Spiderman and the Demon souls remake which are seemed to blow people away. This certainly looks to be a great new generation for gamers!

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