Our Top 7 Favourite Playstation 4 Horror Games of This Generation

This is probably the hardest genre for game developers. The art of balancing tension along with jumpscares and providing good gameplay with an interesting setting is a big ask so that the game does not feel repetitive.This is an ask that these games, in my opinion, exceeded those expectations. Here are my top 7 favourite horror ps4 games of this generation.

Outlast – Bundle of Terror

This was the first game I actually got for my brand new playstation 4 because it was released as a free download for playstation plus members.I had no money to buy any other games for my new console so i was left with two options either, play a horror game or just stare at my brand new console. Whilst playing, I found myself getting fully immersed in the environment and although the gameplay loop wasn’t massively varied during its run, explore and hide from attacker rotation, I genuinely enjoyed being defenseless, armed only with my battery sucking camera to help me navigate the darkness. A great game and one that I will remember!

Until Dawn

A Survival horror where every decision you make within the game counts. Your split second choice to run or hide could mean the choice of life or death of any of your 8 characters in this multi-sensory, multi-character gameplay. Until dawn is full of decisions such as; where you are not sure whether or not you made the right judgement call until it’s too late. This allowed the game to offer many different outcomes and variables. It was a joy to replay and see the big differences that just a couple of different choices made.

Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard

The return to form the Resident Evil Franchise was waiting for as this entry went back to its survival horror roots with a brand new 1st person camera and the option to experience the whole game is Playstation Virtual Reality which just makes the experience ten times more terrifying. The baker family are the stars of the show as they all carry their own constant threat such as the seemingly unkillable force that is father, Jack Baker. If you are a horror fan then this is a game that needs to be in your collection.

Alien Isolation

The Alien Isolation franchise always looked like it would suit horror so well but every game released always seemed to go with action instead. Well this was something that Alien isolation finally changed and we’re very grateful. The feeling of dread as you’re being stalked by the alien through the ship is genuinely unparalleled for me in gaming as I was terrified to put down the motion tracker which broadly let me know if it was near me.

The genius of this game is in the aliens AI as it has two AI brains. One that knows exactly where you are and one that doesn’t and they combine to make a chilling experience as you never know what the alien is going to do next.

Resident Evil 2

This is how you remake a game! Capcom had the big task of remaking one of the best resident evil games released which enabled people like me who never played the original to experience the game in modern graphics and they definitely pulled it off. The thing everyone spoke about after this game release was Mr X and simply how terrifying his pursuit of you was which meant that you could never relax as you explored the police station. Another massive highlight was the sound design, they really did an impeccable job as you hear the groans of not so distant zombies or the massive footsteps of Mr X as he hunts you down.

Little Nightmares

One of the Indie gems that released this generation, Little Nightmares featured some of the most unique and stunning artwork for the grotesque characters you find as you venture across the map. An adventure, puzzle horror game with a fantastic storyline. You will find yourself both terrified and intrigued of the setting and the story as you discover what it really means. Don’t let this one pass you by without checking it out!

Dying Light

Dying light is my favourite Zombie game this generation, featuring two very different gameplay cycles, the day time and night time. The day time, which is incredibly atmospheric on its own and is where the majority of zombies are out but a bit more chilled out. Then the night comes and the volatiles come out which are the more terrifying zombies and the whole experience changes. It’s incredibly tense as you try to not get spotted and the sound design team did an incredible as you can hear distant screams and eerie noises throughout the night which made me reluctant to leave my brightly lit safe zone!

That’s my list, an honourable mention to the evil within games that I’m sure are amazing but I’ve not had the joy of experiencing. Please let us know what your favourite horror games of the generation are by using the hashtag #MyTop7HorrorGames!