Is GTA V Too Old For The PlayStation 5?

With the Playstation 5 Event that took place in June 2020, many Grand Theft Auto fans were left in shock and disbelief when Rockstar Announced the GTA 5 would be returning and releasing onto the PS5, a whole 2 generations of consoles since the original release in 2013. With the game so highly rated by critics and gamers alike, I have a question that I feel now, with new announcements would be appropriate. Do you think that GTA 5 is too old for the Playstation 5?

Released in 2013, GTA V was a revolutionary new game for its time, incorporating 3 playable characters with their own story-line, a massive open-world map, in-game shopping experience with virtual currency, and an amazing multiplayer. The games graphics for the time were near perfect and beautifully presented and has a great single player experience as well as the online multiplayer. GTA V was highly regarded as one of the best games to play and when the Playstation 4 was released, rockstar improved not only the graphics to bring it up to a modern standard but added new features such as first person mode making peoples gameplay even more unique and something new to try.

The Game on Playstation 4 – 2014

Ever since the release of the Playstation 4, GTA V has been sitting comfortably as one of the greatest games to play. Rockstar however, does make subtle changes to the game and keep the online mode fresh expanding with new content and updates on a regular basis. But, since the release of the game we have not seen any major changes to the game, map or story and yet still is one of the best-selling games on the market.

Even though there are many new users joining the platform each day, there are equally many players who have completed the story mode several years ago and rely on the game solely to use the online mode or as an open world game and there is nothing to keep the users interested and active. And with a release date for the PS5 version announced for 2021 it seems Rockstar may seem to forget about previous versions as they focus on the new version.

2020 Announcement

Rockstar announced on 11th June 2020 that GTA 5 would be releasing with Playstation 5. The game will now see 3 generations of consoles with no major changes to its game. And without the feature to transfer save files from one generation to another, it seems many users will see themselves starting the game for a second or even third time, with no changes! This could mean them completing a game for the sake of completing it or even not touching it at all.

Rockstar also removed the feature to transfer online saves from one generation to another but with the progress people have made in 6 years since the Playstation 4 release of the game, i highly feel that Rockstar will include this feature or people will find themselves starting back at square one and possibly a little upset as they restart their whole progress, completing the same missions and tasks.

When Rockstar made the announcement, they have kept new features relatively hidden but promising to bring users a much improved and refined version of the game and improve the graphics for the current generation. There’s much speculation of the new version and what will be included but in theory it would be easier to call it a night on Grand Theft Auto 5 and start progressing towards the next edition in the lineup.

My Thoughts

In my own personal opinion, I think it is time for Rockstar to close the door on Grand Theft Auto 5, and start releasing the next edition in the series of games. With much speculation over the next game being released it’s hard to tell when we will see it. After 7 years of the same game, i think it is time to give users something fresh and a brand new playing experience but equally from a business standpoint, i can see why they are clinging onto this game. With over 20 million copies sold worldwide on the PS4 alone it is easy to see why they want to release it onto the new edition so Playstation 5 users can keep playing the game they know and love.

Again, like other games, GTA 5 has been rated one of the best games in the world and is so highly rated within the gaming community that if Rockstar were to release a new edition in the series, how would it affect GTA 5’s performance and if the new game was to be worse, how would it affect the GTA Brand as a whole? Could rockstar be working really hard to outperform GTA 5 or is it a game that they are desperately trying to cling onto?

Do you think GTA V is getting too old for 2020? Let us know on social media via the hashtag #GTAonPS5