The Best Type Of Games To Play During Lockdown

Have some fun whilst maintaining that all-important 2-metre rule!

This extended period of time at home has meant that we are not able to see those closest to us in our lives, so for some of us, it has been quite boring. These restrictions have forced us to come up with some out-of-the-box ideas in order to stay entertained whilst being stuck at home. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, with the lockdown restrictions being slowly eased.

At present you can now meet up with up to 6 friends and family members from different households, providing you stick to the social distancing measures. Seeing your family & friends after many weeks apart is exciting and emotional but there’s only so much talking and sunbathing you can do! So, why not mix your socially distanced meet-up with a few fun games to lift your moods?

Below are some of the great games that we sell that you can still play whilst following those all-important rules during these strange times…


Headbanz is a quick question game of ‘What am I?’ You will never know who you are until you start asking! The aim of the game is to figure out who your characters are the fastest and then you win, it’s that simple! This game is great for all ages and can accommodate a good number of players. It’s a brilliant game to play during this lockdown as you can maintain the social distancing measures whilst still having some amazing fun! A quick tip from us is to bring some sanitizing wipes to clean the bands down after use ensuring that everything is clean and tidy.

If you are wanting to get the children involved and play this at home, Disney Hedbanz For Kids is perfect for them to either play on their own or together as a family to try and guess the Disney characters you have on your heads. Headbanz also created a game for the Harry Potter fanatics in the family with their Harry Potter Edition and in this game you can all try and guess which character you are from the Wizarding world.

It’s a simple game that can last from 5 minutes for the experts or up to 3 hours, for those intense competitions, providing hours of fun for all the family!

Card Games

Even though some card games involve a lot of contact, we’ve found quite a few games that you can play whilst social distancing and does not require anyone to touch the same cards.

One simple but effective game is called ‘Higher or Lower’ a fun guessing game that requires just one pack of playing cards. One person can be in charge of the cards and the other players can do the guessing, the aim of the game is to guess whether the next card that is going to be dealt is higher or lower than the last. Keep the streak going strong and whoever the last person left is, wins.

Another card game that you can play during lockdown is called ‘Twenty-One’. To play, you will need to assign a dealer who deals two cards to all the players. The players then have a choice on whether or not to get another card and try to get closer to the number twenty-one or leave as there might be a chance that the extra card goes over twenty-one and they automatically lose. The person who is closest or gets the number twenty-one in that round is the winner! Another simple but fun game that can provide hours of entertainment.

Make sure to take a look at our card games category to find a wide range of entertaining games you can also play during lockdown with friends and family.

Video Games

If you’re not one for going out or want to keep your distance from other households during lockdown, there is no better way to keep you entertained whilst staying connected to your friends than playing your favourite video games. Lockdown also gives you a chance to try out new video games you haven’t played before.

On our site, we offer a very wide range of video games available to play with your friends. Whether you’re into FPS, Action, Open-World or MMO you can certainly find a game that you and your friends can all enjoy, just ensure that you have a solid internet connection and that your console has the required online subscription! Why not even join a party on the console and talk to your friends in real-time? You are bound to have plenty of laughs with them! We have some great games for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and plenty more different formats so make sure to take a look and pick out a new game to try during lockdown and you’ll be entertained for hours.

So there you have it! A few simple ideas to keep you entertained whilst maintaining that all-important social distancing rule and if you’re feeling super generous, why not pick out a prize for the winners of your games to make it more exciting for the player? Our fabulous range of products can accommodate all types of game players, whether this is Board Game lovers, Card playing pro’s, and even the professionals, we have plenty of products for them all!

What has been your go-to game during this lockdown? Let us know on social media – #socialdistancinggames