Our Top 5 Favourite Gaming Franchises

Some may say that the overwhelming amount of sequels, prequels, spins-off, remakes, and revamps just shows how the video game industry is running out of ideas and how the Triple A studios are less and less willing to take the risk to develop a new IP that brings some innovation and fresh air to our consoles (and they are probably right about this). However, here’s our video game franchises list of honorable exceptions from which we just can’t get enough of!

Baldur’s Gate

Unless you have already found a few grey hairs on your head it is more than likely that you haven’t heard about this one. Baldur’s Gate was the second game developed by Bioware years before they were acquired by EA and both the original and the sequel are still considered to be among the best RPGs in history.

However, if you would like to give it a try or you are just an unconditional fan you are in luck because the third game will be released during August (Sadly, only the PC version has been confirmed so console players will have to wait a bit longer).


I have to admit that 2K studios has developed many of my all-time favourite games. If you have never played the Bioshock franchise you MUST hurry and grab the remastered trilogy as soon as possible. All of the three games have a polished and satisfactory gameplay, an atmosphere that will absorb you from minute one and a deep and well constructed story that stays to a very high level for most of the playthrough. In my opinion, the remastered version does good enough so even though the first one could be a bit old for the current graphic standards it doesn’t fall too behind and is still more than enjoyable.


Did I mention that I love 2K? I cannot provide any estimation of the time I have played into the last 3 games in the franchise. Civilization has everything I could ask for in a turn-based strategy game and it gets to its better when you play with a bunch of friends.

-Hey! Why are you placing so many soldiers in the border? Is that a cannon? PLEASE, NOT MY COASTAL CITY, NO!


Yes, Fallout 76 happened and yes, I got it from release. But even when it didn’t have the greatest release Bethesda didn’t give up and at the moment offers a far better experience. But anyway, Fallout 3 New Vegas is easily among my top 5 best games ever and I really enjoyed Fallout 4 even when the story had a few ups and downs after the second half. Bethesda, please, hurry and announce TES 6 or Fallout 5 to make us happy.

Cat Quest

Hold your horses! Before I’m sent to the stake I have to admit that this is not the greatest RPG franchise in any way but for some reason these cartoony child-looking games made me have a wonderful and happy time. It is highly recommended to play on coach coop and especially if you want to introduce video games to the small ones or the non gamers in the house. The controls and progression system are quite simple and yet still satisfactory and hard to master so independently of your gaming skills you’ll be able to enjoy the game.

I know I missed many great video game franchises out there but these are the ones that have had a much deeper impact on me. Feel free to let us know which ones are your favourites on social media using the hashtag #TopGamingFranchises!