Our Review Of The Marvel's Avengers Game

I was pleasantly surprised by Marvel’s Avengers after it had received a hefty amount of flack during it’s open BETA stage. It pays a loving homage to the comic universe that feels like it’s been crafted with care, as you get to play as 6 different superheroes who all have their unique powers and identities.

The Opening Of Marvel’s Avengers

The game has an incredibly great opening with plenty of easter eggs to find and it isn’t long until you’re thrown into the action. The Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge (which was a mission we were able to play in the BETA) allows you to play as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Captain America, each with their own combat style and powers which I found kept the combat fresh and interesting, being able to see all these different style of combat showed me just how much time the developers had put into this game to bring us a truly unique experience. It was incredibly fun to switch between these iconic characters and see that the developers had listened to players’ feedback and made some alteration to the graphics and to how the characters themselves looked, which I found to be a massive improvement onto what we saw in the BETA. We then see the death of Captain America as he blows up the reactor Terrigen Crystals to save the people of San Francisco, however the crystals turn into gas and anyone that breathes it turns into an ‘inhuman’ and develops superpowers of their own. Queue Ms Marvel.

Delving Deep Into The Storyline Of Marvel’s Avengers

The middle of the game is where I found myself getting lost. This section of the game is where you primarily play as Ms Marvel in the campaign quests and find the Avengers and convince them to get back together to fight the organisation AIM. The scenery and mission layout in this section feels very repetitive and to me takes away from the overall awesomeness of this game. One thing I did really enjoy is that the HQ for the Avengers is the Chimera, which we are able to explore and find more nerd inducing easter eggs. We are also able to explore each Avengers personal room, which I found to be a nice little touch and made the Chimera feel a little more homey.

Once you have the Avengers back together. You are able to customise your loadout with the four heros you want (although you’re only allowed to play as one of them and just have the other 3 as members of your party). This brings unique dialogue to the missions as the party banter takes a turn for the better.

Marvel’s Avengers Ending & Game Features

The Avengers of course have another fall out, because why not, and Ms Marvel is left on her own aboard the Chimera. Feeling as if she’s failed she sends out an awe inspiring message to the Avengers telling them how much the world needs them. Feeling the love, The Avengers head back to the Chimera and plan their last stand against AIM. The mission is nothing short of incredible, it’s fast paced and full of action and the visuals are sublime. You have to really work to defeat the main villain and endless waves of robots which makes finishing the missions even more satisfying. Just like the first mission you are made to play as each character individually again giving the mission the fresh feeling of diverse combat styles to mix it up.

Once you have completed the main campaign missions you are treated to a post credit scene which shows us we are far from done as playing as The Avengers. With this game being a live platform I think we can expect many updates and DLC’s to give us new campaign missions. There are also plenty of side quests to get through with some of them being personal to one of the heroes which allows you to get some unique gear specifically for that character. Of course customization and gear plays a big part in the game and being able to use resources to upgrade the gear to fight higher level enemies. It isn’t a hard painstaking task to be able to upgrade and craft gear like some RPG’s are, the Stark tech onboard the Chimera crafts it for you as long as you have the correct resources.

Our Final Thought’s On The New Marvel Avengers Game

Overall, Marvel’s Avengers is a solid game that I really enjoyed playing and I look forward to the future content that is released for the game. It’s definitely a game for the fans of the comics and films and I believe that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix definitely kept the game close to the comic book lore that we all know and love.

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