Playstion vs Xbox | Which of the new consoles is better?

The end of the year is fast approaching which means that the release of these industry changing consoles is also upon us. Both Sony and Microsoft are remaining very tightly lipped on the price and the release date and they both appear to be waiting for the other to make an announcement just so they can one up them or quickly review their plans. Luckily for us enough information has been released about features, specifications and the consoles design for us to compare the two. Here are my thoughts on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X!

My Initial Thoughts On The Playstation 5 & Xbox Series X

The first comparison to look at is the most important for me personally and that’s the direction the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 seem to be taking as they appear to be trying to build on what made them successful this generation. Xbox are going down heavily with the game pass route with the idea to bring accessibility to as many games as possible to all their users. Playstation are still pumping out those memorable single player exclusives like God Of War and The Last Of Us Part 2 that made the console such a success

This means that instead of us gamers just picking the same company we always go with but instead which direction appeals to you more. If you want a massive array of games at the end of your fingertips then microsoft’s Xbox Series X is the one for you but if you found yourself getting engrossed in Sony’s Playstation exclusives like Days Gone or Bloodborne then it’s got to be the PS5.

The Features Of The Playstation 5 & Xbox Series X

A quick look at the features and specs as the Xbox appears to be edging the PS5 in terms of raw power. Both consoles feature backwards compatibility with Xbox series x seemingly compatible with Xbox one, Xbox 360 and the original Xbox whilst the PS5 will be compatible with PS4 games (not all of them though) it will also be compatible with PS3 and PS2 which is great news as not being able to download those PS3 games on Playstation now is really what lets it down for me.

Both consoles will feature optical disc drives with 4k blu-rays being confirmed for PS5. The PS5 will include 3d audio which will work with their new headset that has been announced and called the Pulse 3D. The Xbox however will be using both 3D audio and Dolby Atmos which is exciting news and provided a great experience for it’s users!

The Controller Design for the PS5 & Xbox Series X

I’ve already wrote about the dualsense controller in an earlier post so i’m gonna mainly focus on the xbox’s new controller which is extremely similar to the last but with some much needed features. The first being a built-in-battery which is fully a OMG finally moment for Xbox users as i cant believe its 2020 and they’re finally adding this. No more will you have to rummage around for more batteries or buy some expensive lithium batteries.

Other features include an all new D-pad and a brand new share button. The bumpers have been improved for more comfort and grip and dynamic latency input which should mean that the input delay from you making an action on the controller to it being shown in the games should be even shorter this generation.

Release Games For The Xbox Series X & Playstation 5

What good is an incredibly powerful console if there’s no decent games to play on it. Whilst both will be offering backwards compatibility at launch its the new releases that get us gamers excited. The PS5 event blew me away whilst watching, with announcements of Spiderman Miles Morales, a new ratchet & clank and a sequel to the brilliant horizon zero dawn called horizon forbidden west. I speak about some of the ps5 game announcements in an earlier post.

The Xbox event also featured some massive announcements and game-play with Avowed being announced which looks like an interesting RPG. State Of Decay 3 which featured the best trailer in the entire for me personally. Fable which was amazing to see and i’m hoping it holds onto its British humour which made it so good. Some Halo Infinite game-play also got released which fair to say sent the internet into frenzy but sadly for 343 studios, all for the wrong reasons with fans saying how the game didn’t look next gen at all. Hopefully come release day which has been delayed the graphics live up to the “world’s most powerful console” as microsoft says.

My Final Thoughts on the Xbox Series X & PS5

Personally i’m going to be picking up the Playstation 5 at launch and then the Xbox Series X further down the line to enjoy that wonderful feature of GamePass. Both consoles look like fantastic pieces of tech and whichever you pick up you’re set to have an amazing experience. We will be stocking both the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X on release and as soon as we have more information about these fabulous consoles we will keep you updated. We also have a few games ready for pre order on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Images Of The Xbox Series X & PS5

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