Our Top 10 Classic Board Games

With summer coming to an end, and winter nights approaching it’s time to crack out the classic board games for evenings full of strategy, laughs and ultimate challenges. Take a look at our top 10 classic board game picks, and be sure to take a look at our ‘10% Back in Player Points on our Top 10’ where all these 10 classic board games will be on offer!

Articulate, the heart racing, fast talking, classic board game

The main aim of Articulate is to attempt to describe a word without actually saying the word. You’re banned from using phrases such as ‘rhymes with’ or ‘it sounds like this’, so it can get really tricky at times! You could end up describing anything from a vegetable to a country depending on what category you land on from Object, Nature, Action, World, Person or Random. The great thing about this game is that all generations can take part and get involved together, your heart is sure to get racing with this fast paced word game.

Connect 4, the simple classic

Everyone has played Connect 4 at some point in their lives, and it often gets passed off as a children’s game, but connect 4 is the ultimate test of strategy! Revisit your childhood and test your problem solving skills, by putting your family and friends to the test! Simply take it in turns to drop a coloured counter into the grid, the person who is first to connect 4 counters, wins! One of the greatest things about connect 4 is how easy it is to transport around with you, take it on the plane, in your hotel or when you’re visiting loved ones.

Twister, an ice-breaking classic board game

Want to break the ice with new friends? Get to know your new in-laws? Or just test your own flexibility? Then Twister is the game for you! This belly-busting, limb stretching game involves only two elements, a mat and a spinner. Simply use the spinner to determine what colour dot on the mat you need to put your hands and feet on and just wait to get into a tangle. This game can be played across all ages and is sure to have everybody giggling away.

Jenga, a testing board game of nerve and skill

See if you’ve got nerves of steel and challenge a family member or friend to the classic game of Jenga. Starting with a full wooden tower, Jenga is a game where you take it in turns to remove a block from a wooden tower of jenga pieces and gently place it on top. You can only use one hand, you can’t support the tower and you have to complete a row of three on the top of the tower before going any higher. Whoever knocks the tower over, loses! You will need a very steady hand and good problem solving skills to win at this game.

Monopoly, often said to be the best board game

Monopoly has been a family favourite for years and has also been known to create an argument (or two) over bankrupting opponents and clever tactics. Monopoly is a game that revolves around property, you need to collect money to purchase property so you can charge excessive rent to your opponents and become a property buying and trading master! With chance cards, and different elements to the board, fortunes can easily change with the roll of the dice, so make sure you play nice!

Catan, classic board game of strategy

Catan in a nutshell involves trading, building and settling. The main aim of the game is to embark on a quest to settle in the isle of Catan. Gain victory with clever trading and imaginative development, using grain, wool, ore, brick and lumber. You can build roads, settlements and cities, but beware! Your opponent may cut off your road or buy a monopoly, beating you to the win. The best thing about this game is that the board itself changes virtually every game, meaning no two games are ever the same.

Dixit, a board game that will get your imagination flowing

Be entranced by the colourful world of Dixit, with magical illustrations and whimsical stories. Each turn one player is a storyteller, the player secretly chooses one card then gives a word or sentence to describe the card. Each other player then chooses a card in hand that matches the word or sentence that the storyteller said and passes it to the storyteller. The storyteller then lays out all cards and everyone has to guess which was the original card that the storyteller had described. This game is sure to have your creative juices flowing.

Qwirkle, mix and match to win at this classic board game

Qwirkle is a super easy game to learn and is great to play with all members of the family. Simply match colours and shapes in lines to score points. However the way to win this game is by using well-planned strategy and tactical maneuvers to outsmart your opponents! This game is great to take on your travels and will help you become a strategy god.

Chess, often referred to as the most classic board game

Although there are quite a few rules and moves to learn to play chess, the satisfaction of checkmating your opponent, makes it all worth it. Depending on your strategic thinking, chess is a game that can last 10 minutes, or hours. It involves using pieces such as a queen, rooks and knights, that all have different freedoms across the board to eliminate your opponent’s pieces and ultimately to checkmate their king. It is a game that will get you thinking, and eager to learn more so you can become the chess master.

Screwball Scramble, a fast-paced board game

Screwball Scramble is a childhood classic and will have you giggling one minute, then frustrated the next. It involves a small metal ball and a crazy obstacle course. The aim is to get the ball to the other side of the course, in a set amount of time, using small handles that adjust each obstacle. Each touch is crucial and small movements can have a huge impact. This game is great for playing by yourself or to test your friends and family in a race of time by seeing who can complete the course the quickest.


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